Cordwood Beauty in Wisconsin is “Best Practices”

Having seen a picture of a cordwood cabin in a magazine years before, Carrie dreamed about building her own cordwood home.  She read and gathered information and took one of our hands-on workshops.  Feeling empowered to hit the start button, she built a gorgeous,...

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Tiny Off-Grid Cordwood Cabin with Straw-Clay is Timber Framed

Stu and Midge have been building a unique, off-grid cordwood cabin in western Wisconsin using cordwood for some walls and straw/clay (also known as light straw/clay) for others. The cabin is 12' x 16'.  Built on strengthened posts and piers. The cordwood walls were...

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Cordwood in Louisiana

Artie Zimmerman built a gorgeous cordwood home near Zachary, Louisiana.  He kept a tuned-up chainsaw in his truck ready to cut wood at a moments notice.  Lo and behold he gradually put together 12 full cords to build this cordwood beauty. His ranch style home is made...

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Cordwood Open to the Public

Many folks would like to visit a cordwood home before they take the plunge to build one.  Most cordwood owner/builders are very kind & like to share, but they are also homeowners and usually very busy with householder tasks and responsibilities. In order to help those...

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Cordwood: Top Five Electrical Tips

Running electrical wires in a cordwood home requires an understanding of the home electrical system and of electrical safety.  I personally solved both issues by hiring a master electrician to oversee and help me install my wiring.  For the past 30 years, cordwood...

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Cordwood in Idaho, Montana, Utah

There have been many questions about cordwood in Idaho, Montana and Utah. There is quite a bit going on in Idaho and Montana, some with architectural plans and others doing it "by the seat of their pants." True to form on this blog, there will be more pictures and...

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Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack

Do you love the taste of Maple Syrup?   Would you like to have your own Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack?  Ted Amman answered YES to both questions. He wanted to build a "shack" to house his family maple syrup harvest. Ted attended a cordwood workshop, visited the Cordwood...

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Cordwood Mistakes (How to Avoid)

We often talk about how well cordwood works and how it looks good and how it performs even better.  Posting pictures of well built cordwood homes is a real joy and explaining how to build cordwood correctly is the nature of this blog.   However, people have been...

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Cordwood Homes Inside & Out

Inside and Out:  When I post a cordwood photo, folks often ask, "What does that look like on the inside?  This is a 4 part blog post series about incredible cordwood homes, cabins, and cottages with pictures of the outside AND the inside. Bryan & Lois Pratt built this...

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Cordwood Sheds of Excellence

Joe Silins Tack House in Arizona.  Made from pine and mesquite. There are some very creative folks doing wonderful work. Here are a few cordwood outbuildings that are both functional, beautiful and built with best practices.Above is the Kinstone sauna crew that...

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