Cordwood & the Code in Canada NEW DATA

Trying to figure out the code and how it applies to your cordwood dream home?  Here is a personal message from a cordwood builder in Ontario. This is what worked for us in South Western Ontario. The building inspector here at the time (16 years ago) was not interested...

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Masonry Heaters & Wood Stoves for Cordwood Homes

Many people are attracted to cordwood construction for the potentially low cost of building materials (wood)  and the possibility of heating one's own home with a sustainable natural resource (wood). If you have a woodlot, your cordwood home can be heated for your...

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Cordwood: Inside and Out

Want to see what a cordwood home looks like on the inside?  Here's your chance.  When I post a cordwood photo, folks often ask, "What does that look like on the inside? Bryan & Lois Pratt built this unbelievably gorgeous cordwood home in Woodland Park, Colorado. It is...

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Cordwood Additions Easy or Hard?

Can I build a cordwood addition onto an existing home?  Certainly, you can.  The three most important factors contributing to success are: building a proper foundation, adding solid framing and capping it with a good roof. The foundation must be tied into the existing...

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Cordwood at White Earth

  “This was not a ‘spec house’ but one that has a unique personality and footprint. The purposes of this undertaking were to produce a natural, attractive home, provide labor opportunities on the reservation and instill pride of ownership within a community directed...

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