Cordwood Million Dollar Lodge

Cordwood is usually chosen as a building style in order to save money. The fact that it uses locally available, sustainable materials is an added incentive.  However, sometimes cordwood is built to impress, and here is a fine example.  This million-dollar cordwood...

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Cordwood Cottage BnB in Colorado boasts Mermaids

Did you know there is a cottage filled with mermaids in southern Colorado?  Even though it is a thousand miles from the nearest ocean, this BnB has a bevvy of seafaring sirens. It also has gorgeous views, breathtaking skies, and wonderful structures. The cottage is...

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Cordwood Hobbit House boasts Round Door

In the green hills and valleys of western Wisconsin resides a cordwood hobbit house.  Built by Jessi & Dan Peterson, complete with a round door and sparkling bottle bricks, it is surely a welcoming sight for anyone from the Shire or beyond Bag End.  Always remember:...

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Cordwood Magnificent Pike’s Peak Colorado

Bryan and Lois Pratt of Woodland Park, Colorado have built one of the finest cordwood homes in the world!   This 12 sided, two-story beauty is breathtaking in its construction and has an unfettered view of Pike's Peak. Bryan and Lois planned for many years to build...

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Cordwood Construction Timber Frame Sauna

This is the story of Charles Yeager's timber frame sauna workshops taught in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The cordwood infill was completed during two, three-day workshops.  The timber frame was erected before the workshops. This is the right (south) side of the...

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