Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack

Do you love the taste of Maple Syrup?   Would you like to have your own Cordwood Maple Sugar Shack?  Ted Amman answered YES to both questions. He wanted to build a "shack" to house his family maple syrup harvest. Ted attended a cordwood workshop, visited the Cordwood...

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Cordwood Magnificent in Quebec City. Canada

Sebastien Demers built a beautiful two-story cordwood home near Ste. Onesime, Quebec.   Here are pictures and an explanation of “the build” from Sebastien himself.   The half-round/half rectangle floor plan also has two interior gardens where a banana tree flourishes...

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Cordwood Framing for Beginners

Post & beam framing has become a "bread and butter" staple for cordwood builders.  Just as there are multiple ways to build a cordwood wall, there several ways to frame your building.   Here are a few of the simple and spectacular ones.  Most contractors would view...

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Take a Peek Inside a Cordwood Home

Want to see what a cordwood home looks like on the inside?  Here's your chance.  When I post a cordwood photo, folks often ask, "What does that look like on the inside? Bryan & Lois Pratt built this unbelievably gorgeous cordwood home in Woodland Park, Colorado. It is...

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Cordwood Post & Pier Foundation

How would you like to learn about an inexpensive foundation that doesn't require concrete and keeps your cordwood "up" off the ground?  The following pictures, coupled with a brief explanation by builder Stu Bridge, help to clarify the simplicity and...

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The Dogs of Cordwood “Who Let the Dogs Out!”

"Who Let the Dogs Out" of their cordwood houses?  Who, who, who?  When they are outside they pose with panache.  Usually, with a look of "my home is built like a fortress! Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah!"Whitefang loves her cordwood in Homer, Alaska.  (Below) Cordwood Dog created...

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Easy Peasy Stackwall Corners with Cordwood

Stackwall corners were one of the very first ways developed to make inexpensive corners for cordwood construction.  The problem was they were (are) very time-consuming to build (every timber has to be leveled multiple times) and the roof could not be built until the...

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Cordwood Drying Shed shows-off Tuck Pointing Perfection

Chuck Hine of Calumet Michigan built a magnificent wood drying shed on the western shores of Lake Superior.  The tuck-pointing on his cedar wood drying shed/bunkhouse is as good and ever seen.  His mortar joints are clean, the wood is standing proud 1/2 inch and the...

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Alaska Cordwood is “Over the Moon & Stars”

Ranja Dean has designed and completed a gorgeous cordwood outhouse at their homestead near Homer, Alaska.  Her husband Jeff helped with the building.  The cordwood outhouse is next to the BnB near their exceptionally gorgeous homestead.   The door (below) is...

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