Fantastic Cordwood Stackwall in Alberta, Canada

Adam P. Norris was kind enough to send me the following pictures of his cordwood stackwall dream home in the mountains of Alberta.  Such fantastic work, my mind was reeling, so I asked some questions.  Below are Adam's answers: The wood Adam used was mostly lodgepole...

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Wood Stoves for Cordwood Homes

Many people are attracted to cordwood construction for the potentially low cost of building materials (wood)  and the possibility of heating one's own home with a sustainable natural resource (wood). If you have a woodlot, your cordwood home can be heated for your...

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Cordwood Sauna in British Columbia

Ernie Slatter attended our Cordwood Construction workshop at Kinstone Permaculture Academy in Wisconsin and then went back home and built this beautiful sauna in British Columbia.  The sauna is called "Sea Bluff Sauna."  The latest picture with daffodils...

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Tiny Cordwood Home Flexes its Gorgeous Muscle

Jesse & Kit are living in their 768 sq. ft. tiny cordwood home they built in Wisconsin. It has a very smartly designed room-in-the-attic truss that adds an additional 360 feet of living space (2 bedrooms).  Using best practices throughout, they have installed radiant...

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Cordwood, Cardboard & Bottle Ends

What do cordwood, cardboard and bottle ends have in common? They all help make an organized, dramatic, visual statement in a cordwood wall. Let's say you want a rainbow or a peace sign or the big dipper in a cordwood wall. Here's one way to do it.  First, layout the...

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Cordwood in Oklahoma is OK

Alan & Rebecca Barreca sent me the following pictures and information on their beautiful home in SE Oklahoma. For those who are wondering about cordwood in a hot, humid climate, this will help answer your questions. "We moved into our 16 sided cordwood home on March...

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Cordwood Cabin & 35 acres for Sale in Wisconsin

An FYI for people who might be in the market for land with a cabin.  Here is a cordwood cabin (with timber frame, straw/clay slip and board and batten) on 35 acres of land in western Wisconsin (Glenwood City), near the border with Minnesota. The framework is a timber...

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