Cordwood Survival Cabin in Russia

Andrew Dubovskiy (who lives in Moscow, Russia) was kind enough to send me these photos. This is his fishing lodge called "Andre-sur-Mer." It is basically a small fishing cabin with a beautiful view of a deep bay on the White Sea (isn't that what everyone wants!)...

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Cordwood shrinkage? Explode those logs!

Did you know that large diameter logs can shrink in your walls?  When you place a dry log in a cordwood wall that is over 12 inches in diameter, there is a good chance it will shrink, even if dried to 12% moisture content.  If it receives a good deal of sun during the...

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Cordwood Sauna by Little Fish Wood Works

Little Fish Woodworks was founded in 2004 by Steve Berg and Matt Hale of Michigan. Having both worked in the building profession, they realized the benefit of each other's expertise and experience and decided to form a partnership. The sauna is one of their projects...

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Cordwood Chicken House in Germany

Lothar Rees of Rottweil, Germany (home of the Rottweiler) sent me outstanding photos of a cordwood chicken coop and woodshed he built with friends. Lothar writes:  "Here is some information about the two small buildings I´ve built: I built a shed for firewood and a...

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Cordwood Tool Shed built by Father & Son

Hi Rich, this is Kevin Carolfi I talked to you earlier this spring about cordwood. I have just finished my cordwood tool shed.I'm sharing some pics of it. The doors and shingles are cut from utility poles. The 6"x6" posts are reused from a machine shed that went down...

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