Cordwood Mistakes (How to Avoid)

We often talk about how well cordwood works and how it looks good and how it performs even better.  Posting pictures of well built cordwood homes is a real joy and explaining how to build cordwood correctly is the nature of this blog.   However, people have been...

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Cordwood Homes Inside & Out

Inside and Out:  When I post a cordwood photo, folks often ask, "What does that look like on the inside?  This is a 4 part blog post series about incredible cordwood homes, cabins, and cottages with pictures of the outside AND the inside. Bryan & Lois Pratt built this...

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Cordwood Sheds of Excellence

Joe Silins Tack House in Arizona.  Made from pine and mesquite. There are some very creative folks doing wonderful work. Here are a few cordwood outbuildings that are both functional, beautiful and built with best practices.Above is the Kinstone sauna crew that...

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Starwood Cordwood Home

Some cordwood owner/builders want to build Tiny, others opt for Medium, and some want to go Large (or go home :0).  Here is a story about the construction of a gorgeous 4600 square foot cordwood home.  Naturally, it took a while and if you read the entire post, the...

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Cordwood in Kenai, Alaska

                                    The cordwood home of Mark & Chelsea in Alaska. Here are Mark & Chelsea in front of their cordwood home in Kenai, Alaska.  The walls are 14" spruce logs with foam insulation in the center cavity between the two 3" mortar beads. Mark...

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Cordwood in Oklahoma is OK

Alan & Rebecca Barreca sent me the following pictures and information on their beautiful home in SE Oklahoma. For those who are wondering about cordwood in a hot, humid climate, this will help answer your questions. "We moved into our 16 sided cordwood home on March...

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Bright & Airy Cordwood Home

Bright & Airy Cordwood Home by Valerie Davidson  (condensed)    "Another couple has stopped by to view our Cordwood Home in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. They approach us at the door, “He” smiling brightly, “She” reluctantly following. They enter with us...

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Wood Stoves for Cordwood Homes

Many people are attracted to cordwood construction for the potentially low cost of building materials (wood)  and the possibility of heating ones own home with a sustainable natural resource (wood). If you have a woodlot, your cordwood home can be heated for your...

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Cordwood Cabin on Stilts

Eric & Beth built their Rendezvous Cordwood Cabin for use during "gathering activities" on their property.  They hold Historical Re-enactments, Tomahawk and Bowie knife throwing contests, Muzzleloading target shoots and all manner of woodsy/folksy...

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Cordwood Stairways

Folks ask: "Can I mortar logs for a stairway into a cordwood wall."  The answer is YES, if you do it using Best Practices.  If not done correctly, the stairs will loosen in the cordwood wall and cause degradation of the mortar. Above is an example of a cordwood...

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