Cordwood Magnificent Pike’s Peak Colorado

Bryan and Lois Pratt of Woodland Park, Colorado have built one of the finest cordwood homes in the world!   This 12 sided, two-story beauty is breathtaking in its construction and has an unfettered view of Pike's Peak. Bryan and Lois planned for many years to build...

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Cordwood Construction Timber Frame Sauna

This is the story of Charles Yeager's timber frame sauna workshops taught in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The cordwood infill was completed during two, three-day workshops.  The timber frame was erected before the workshops. This is the right (south) side of the...

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Cordwood Construction Timber Framed

Blood, sweat and tears went into planning this incredible building in the western Rockies.  The owner wishes to remain anonymous, so I cannot provide her name or location.  It is architecturally drawn and code approved and when finished will offer the owner/builder a...

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Cordwood Construction Jack Henstridge and the Cordwood Movement

                      Thoughts from Jack Henstridge      The Godfather of the Cordwood Movement Compiled by Richard & Becky Flatau. Edited by Jack Henstridge for the Cordwood Conference Papers 2005.   Two wonderful pictures of Stackwood Jack Henstridge! Just as James...

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Cordwood Construction and Hybrid Buildings

Cordwood plays well with other natural and alternative styles.  Here are some examples of cordwood homes that have horizontal logs, vertical logs, board and batten siding, strawbale, earthen plaster, cobwood, earthbag and so forth.    The pictures bespeak a natural...

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Cordwood Construction can be Mortgage Free!

New Pioneer Magazine published a four-page article about building Cordwood Cottages.  The editor allowed me to place the article on various social media sites to encourage the idea of natural building.   The article details the best practice building of cordwood...

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