Cordwood Conference 2011 Winnipeg, Canada

                            Continental Cordwood Conference 2011                      University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Canada June 11-12, 2011    This was the first sight we encountered as we crossed the border from North Dakota into Manitoba. Hundreds of wind...

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Cordwood Sweat Lodges & Dog Houses

Cordwood lends itself to many types of buildings, including ones that keep a person clean and a dog sheltered.  Below is a cordwood sweat lodge in the Pacific Northwest.  It is built with Western Red Cedar which makes for a beautiful cordwood wall.  A tiny sweat...

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Best Wood for Cordwood?

One of the Frequently Asked Cordwood Questions (FACQ) is: "What type of wood can I use?"  At one time, the answer was, "Anything you got."  But over time folks realized that there were good, better and best options for wood selection.  To narrow down your choices...

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Cordwood Cabin with a Rock Wall, Birch Bark & Cordwood Tables

Monte Loomis built a gorgeous cordwood floor in his octagonal cordwood cabin.  He proceeded to add a rock wall (fire resistance for his wood stove), cabinet doors made of birch bark and cordwood tables. In the top right-hand corner, you can see birch bark used as snow...

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Hungarian Cordwood by Tamas Abel

Tamas recently sent some new photos of his finished cordwood cabin in Hungary. Thank you Tamas for sharing your creative work of building a cordwood cabin.   His logs are pine, cut from the surrounding forest and he did the work on weekends.  He has made himself a...

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Cordwood classroom houses Cloud Forest Conservation in Guatemala

Tara & Rob Cahill have been working in the rain forests near Coban, Guatemala for decades.  They have built a beautiful infrastructure that includes a cordwood school for middle and high school students.  Here is a brief walkthrough video by the architect Charles...

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Cordwood Flooring “Kicking it up a notch”

Monte Loomis sent pictures and a video of his new method of laying cordwood flooring.  Needless to say, I was blown away by the beauty of his self-described "Jig-Saw Puzzle method." "For my end grain floor, I used 3/4 inch-thick white cedar. Each piece was cut to fit...

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