Cordwood Book House in Rottweil, Germany

Lothar Rees of Rottweil, Germany (where the dog breed, Rottweiler, hails from) sent me outstanding photos of a free-share Cordwood Book House he and some friends/volunteers built for their city.  Bucher-Hause means Book-House in English. Check out the absolutely...

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Cordwood Siding DIY

Cordwood siding was added to the interior walls at the Merrill School Forest lodge.  This is for the dining hall and the administration suggested woodsy and unique walls for the students of the Merrill Area Public Schools. There are lots of hidden gems tucked into the...

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Cordwood Organic Vegetable Store

A group of architectural students built a cordwood organic vegetable processing shop in Sweden.  Photos and some of the details are included in this article. The AES group built a completely recycled cordwood building in Sweden. Anna Sundman of AES writes, "We...

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Off Grid Cordwood Cabin in the Adirondacks

Larry Schuth shared his cordwood cabin adventure.  He sent beautiful pictures of the cordwood cabin he and his family built for $9,000 in the 1990s. The basic cabin is 20' x 30' with a 30' x 10' loft.  Just right for bringing family and friends for a visit. The...

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Cordwood Cabin in Hungary

Tamas recently sent some new photos of his finished cordwood cabin in Hungary. Thank you Tamas for sharing your creative work of building a cordwood cabin.   His logs are pine, cut from the surrounding forest and he did the work on weekends.  He has made himself a...

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Cordwood, the Starwall & the Stone Circle

Where can you find three cordwood buildings, a Yurt, a Straw-Clay Cottage, a Tepee, a Sauna, the largest Megalithic Stone Circle in the USA AND is open to the public?   Kinstone Circle near Fountain City, Wisconsin, is where.   Kristine Beck, the owner and inspiration...

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