You can make bottle bricks by simply placing two bottles together and taping them.  Or you can cut each bottle and tape them together.  Here are pictures showing how to make bottle bricks.  In this case, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.  The finished bottle ends are being pricked with a map pin to allow moisture to transpire. (Editor’s note: If your bottles are completely dry there is no need to make a pin hole.)

workshop 31Dozens of bottle ends are ready to provide a spot of light in the wall.  We have found that that aluminum flashing needs to go to within an inch or two of the end on each side for maximum light transfer.

Bottle ends at Kinstone wrapped to the end and with handi coilHow did we make all of these bottle bricks?  It is important to start collecting a large number of bottles and vases ahead of time.  The glass must be clean and dry.  It helps if the labels are removed.Kinstone bottle end layout.jpg There needs to be an ample amount of clear and colored glass to brighten your walls.I want to make bottle ends too Kristine with logo Sometimes even paws and a wet nose are helpful to sort and select bottle sizes. 

Without a Tile Cutter: How to make a DIY bottle cutter Youtube video. end tile cutter.jpgWith a Tile Cutter:  If you are building a thin wall (8 inches) you may need to cut your glass.  You can use a tile cutter or a homemade bottle cutter.  Always use safety equipment.  In the picture below the Bottle sections are (4″ + 4″ = 8″).Cordwood workshop making bottle ends  The best Youtube video we have found about making bottle bricks using  a tile cutter (with safety advice) is at

Below are a set of pictures showing how to put two bottles together “WITHOUT” cutting.

Note that the neck of one bottle is accepted by the opening in the other.  This is especially useful when using bottles with different diameters.  (Oval, diamond, rectangle, etc.) 

Sierra Exif JPEG


It is good to have extra hands.

bottle ends 2Objects can be placed inside bottles.  These are being used at the Cordwood Education Center, which is a cordwood public school classroom. Aluminium flashing and tape were added to these before placement in the wall.

Kit Jesse 3

Sponge Bob finally makes his debut in a wall that is not in an ocean.  

Flashing is then applied and aluminum tape.

The middle bottle (below) is the best example of how to finish a bottle brick.

Sierra Exif JPEG Finished products reposing in the grass:  bottles, aluminum flashing, aluminum tape

Bottle bricks in the grass with logo.jpg

Placing the bottle bricks in the wall.

Bottle bricks Kinstone workshop with logo

Some fine examples of bottle brick walls.

Bottle brick wall with logo

A whole wall of bottles at Honey & Mike’s.  

bottle bricks with logo

Beautiful bottles at Ravenswood. 

bottle bricks Ted Amman color bottles on the outside with logo

Ted Amman in Wisconsin has started using colored bottles on the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.  Ted loves the way it makes the exterior wall look. 

KimAnna15 with logoKimAnna uses bottle bricks in the most amazing ways.  Let your imagination be your guide.

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