The Essence of Cordwood Construction

Framing Options

Cordwood offers the imagination a chance to play. Using a few basic building concepts of proper foundation, frame and roof, the sky is the limit in how the owner/builder fills in the blank canvas of the wall. Random patterning, special features, bottle bricks and designs are all popular ways to make your cordwood home special. [Click here for more.]

Build it for Less

Imaginative use of space, making your dreams come to reality, learning a time honored, planet friendly technique are all part and parcel of Cordwood Construction. Dream, draw and create a place for your Bed & Breakfast, workshop, art studio, office or guest cottage. The Best Practices approach to building with cordwood will allow your creation to be safe, warm and well built. [Click here for more.]

Good Looking Walls

Bottle bricks, stones, glass beads, metal and special mementos from you life make your home special. To place these objects in the wall itself as you build creates a unique statement. Draw the exterior elevations of your home to assess window & door location, roof styles and possible cordwood design patterns. [Click here for more.]

Bottle Bricks make your walls “pop”

One of the easiest ways to make your cordwood “pop” is to use recycled glass bottles. A wine bottle taped together with a canning jar gives that stained glass effect. Folks are starting to use colored bottles on both sides of the wall which gives color to the exterior as well. Others are using embedded LEDs to bring the wall to life after dark. [Click here for more.]

Earth Friendly Choices

When selecting materials for your cordwood home consider using what you have in your own “backyard.” If you have an abundance of cedar in the area use it for the cordwood infill. Your posts and siding can come from the local mill or from your own chain saw lumber attachment. The more you can recycle and build sustainably the bigger the win for you and the planet. [Click here for more.]

Mortgage Free

Plan your build around your budget and your skill set. Consider the combined talents of your family and friends. If you don’t know how to install a foundation, framework or roof you can hire, barter or trade for that expertise. Some folks like to “learn” DIY from watching youtube videos and helping others. Assess what you know and what the budget will be as you start to draw your plan. Do you want to be Mortgage Free? If so, there are proven methods to success. [Click here for more.]

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Nearly four decades ago, Richard and Becky Flatau, built their mortgage-free, cordwood home in northern Wisconsin. Since then, as Directors of Cordwood Construction Resources, the couple has written books, created videos, taught workshops, organized Cordwood Conferences and provided earth-friendly choices for cordwood owner/builders. [Click here for more.]


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