When applying for a building permit it is necessary to provide the municipality with detailed house plans. Most of the time you have the option of providing plans from an architect, engineer, draftsman or yourself. If you are handy with drafting, then, by all means, find out if you can DIY. If you can’t, here are your options:

  • Architectural Plans: These usually cost thousands, but are very well received by bank and code officials.
  • Engineered Plans: These have close to the same clout and cost about the same, but have the advantage of having the engineer working with the building inspector on stress tolerances and the like.
  • Draftsman: These plans are acceptable for many code/inspection departments. The often cost a fraction of what architects and engineers charge. If you can find a draftsman that is familiar with cordwood, you can save yourself some serious money.

We have an architect and a draftsman in central Wisconsin who have designed plans for successfully built, code-approved cordwood homes.  Both have had plans approved in Wisconsin and other states. Each has a  file of code-approved plans for your perusal. They will modify any plans to meet your desires and will work with the code officials to satisfactorily answer their questions.

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Robbin & Rod’s contact information:

Robbin Pichelman Draftsman
Merrill, Wisconsin Phone: 715-536-1386

Rod Cox & Associates Architects and Planners
Wausau, WI 54403 Phone: 715-355-8260

What you get: Robbin Pichelman
+Standard set of drawings 24″ x 36″ format (sent in a mailing tube)
+Two story plan add $50
+Additional cost: $50 full set of prints and shipping or PDF file for $25
+Call for current pricing 715-536-1386

Companion document: Cordwood and the Code available from
Below are a few samples of Robbin PIchelman’s work



Below are a few house plan samples. If you see something you like, send an email or give a call.