Viking style mixed with Finnish Sauna expertise is a wonderful blend of the two cultures.

Good-natured folks got their heads and hands together and built a castle-like sauna.

Sauna bathing has been a part of Finnish customs since the beginning of time. The sauna has always been a sacred place for Finns, which was even used as a folk remedy. In addition to this, according to pagan traditions, the sauna has been a place where there was an unusually strong connection to the world after death.


Today, sauna is more strongly associated with well-being and relaxation. The health effects of the sauna have been extensively studied and enjoying the sauna’s rafts, among other things, lowers blood pressure and relieves stress and various pain conditions.


When you want to go out and pillage and plunder, but you need a nap before your raid. This hammock is made for you!

A Viking longboat awaits all those who exit the sauna renewed, refreshed and relaxed! 

Cold water in the wooden bucket is used to splash on the sauna wood stove rocks to create the sacred sauna steam (loyly).  The löyly is the spirit or steam released by casting water onto a stack of heated stones.

From the website: “There are many good reasons to come and relax in the sauna world of Viikinkisauna. In our sauna world built around a Viking sauna, the host is already scratching a match to light the sauna nest. Our sauna offer includes options for larger and smaller groups. We have been taking guests to saunas in our sauna world since the fall of 2002!

The sauna facilities are available from 18:00 to 23:00, or by agreement, you can arrive earlier or stay longer in the sauna for a small additional fee.

As a counterbalance to the heavy and often warrior’s everyday life, the Vikings also celebrated life around abundant, decadent tables of delicacies. And with us, you too can eat like a Viking! You can order a tasty, hearty Viking meal in the fireplace room of the smoke sauna. The hostess is already braising the pig in the oven on the kitchen side.”

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