“Who Let the Dogs Out” of their cordwood houses?  Who, who, who?  When they are outside they pose with panache.  Usually, with a look of “my home is built like a fortress! Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah!”Whitefang loves her cordwood in Homer, Alaska. 

(Below) Cordwood Dog created by Oliver Swann has a word of caution for cordwood builder’s dogs.

(Above) Our beloved Golden “Summer” posing by the Cordwood Education Center.KimAnna’s pooch (appropriately named) Athena is feeling proud and protective at the Mermaid Cottage in Del Norte, Colorado (remember Athena was Zeus’s favorite).  http://www.mermaidcottage.org

(Above) Sometimes a cordwood watchdog is a security feature for a cordwood home (even if it’s just a carving).

A cordwood doghouse fit for a king (including bottle ends for light)byTom HuberOlle Hagman builds moveable, palletized doghouses in Sweden.

Tom Huber almost accidentally mortared his look-alike “log-end dog” in the wall :0) He’s about the right size. 

Some dogs get spoiled when they have a living-roof to lounge upon.

Good advice!

Learning doggone perseverance is one of the things our pets teach us. 

The end…when its time to say goodbye, wag your tail and move on. 

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