Robby Keown’s advice for Cordwood Owner/Builders: Start with a Sauna

Robby Keown attended a cordwood workshop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and when he returned home he built this beautiful cedar cordwood sauna.  

Some details from Robby’s notes: the foundation is slab-on-grade with a thickened edge. I used stamps on the inside to get a wood plank effect. Two-block high knee wall that’s covered in natural stone. Timber-framed with reclaimed barn beams, recycled ply for the roof, with cedar shakes (I got free). Cordwood is 8-inch white cedar that I picked up for $50 a cord (I have a TON left). Mortar mix was the classic 3-2-1-1 modified with an extra half scoop of lime for color. 

My biggest tips would be to pick up a copy of Cordwood Construction Best Practices and learn your stuff, prep prep prep, and get a mixer!   Haha.



The hand-built arched door is made of walnut and cedar.

Robby used Shou-sugi-ban scorching technique on the posts, gables, and overhangs. He incorporated recycled cedar deck boards for the gables and overhangs.


This sauna bench would provide a firm underpinning for a sleeping bag or a mattress. 

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