Mark & Maya have built a fascinating community in Teuge, Netherlands.  As a manifestation of their love for nature, they also built a beautiful community center using many natural building styles (log, cordwood, cob, timbers, recycled bottles, tile, and stone).  They call their gathering place, the Nature Temple and describe it as “An initiation center for the people, for reflection on and reconnection with our origin and the mystery of creation.” 

“The center was founded in 2004 and has been completely off-grid since.”

“Earth Awareness is based in the middle of the Netherlands – about 1 hour from Amsterdam – and is close to a big national park, the Veluwe. It is situated in a unique and off-grid forest-village and is an exceptional bird sanctuary.”

The Nature Temple amazes night and day!

In Mark & Maya’s own words: “The Nature Temple is an initiation centre for the people, for reflection on and reconnection with our origin and the mystery of creation. This unique experience space is specifically designed for ceremonial use. It functions as a compass and initiation centre for truth-seekers. A visit guarantees an unforgettable experience full of inspiration.”

To contact the Nature Temple for programs, ceremonies, and nature explorations use the links below.  They have an English language page as well as Dutch.

Facebook page

The entrance to the Nature Temple is guarded by two immensely beautiful trees.  The door has beautiful handles and locks that display craftsmanship and symbolism.

The buildings are completely off-grid.

A trip to the Nature Temple would be a fascinating experience.  Nice work Mark & Maya and thank you for allowing me to share your story.  

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