One of the all-time-best cordwood construction practice projects is building a cordwood outhouse.  Not only do you get to hone your cordwood skills, but you get a functional addition to your homestead. Cordwod Outhouse with logo.jpgYou can practice with various styles of mortar and material.

Cobwood composting toilet by Olesia Antiushenia 4Cobwood outhouse by Olesia Antiushnia in Belgium. John Meilhan Copper Harbor bathroom with logoA sink in a modern cordwood bathroom in Michigan.


Marcos Grossman cobwood in Oxcala, Mexico

A cobwood, thatched building in Oxcala, Mexico by master natural builder Marcus Grossman.

Marcos Grossman for daycreek postA hexagonal cobwood outhouse in New Jersey built by Marcus Grossman before he moved to Mexico.
Yurt cobwood Marcus Grossman NJ with logoHe topped it off with a living roof.


Julie decided that she was going to make her outhouse look like cordwood, so she took her paintbrush and her artistic talent.  This is what she created.  Nice work Julie.   Her home is built with cordwood, so she extended the look to her outhouse, but used paint, instead.

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Richard & Becky Flatau built their mortgage-free cordwood home in 1979 in Merrill, Wisconsin. Since then, they have written books, conducted workshops, facilitated the 2005,  2011 and 2015 Cordwood Conferences and provided consultation for thousands of cordwood builders.  Cordwood Construction: Best Practices DVD,  Cordwood Construction Best Practices (print) and Cordwood Conference Papers 2015 are the newest publications available from their online cordwood bookstore.

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