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Bill Jarratt came up with this unique way to build cordwood right into your bathroom or kitchen counters.  Here are a few pictures and an explanation from Bill.    It seems there are many ways to use cordwood (not just for the walls:0)




Here are the instructions if you want to try this at home.

Instructions for Building a Cordwood Countertop

1. Build a temporary 2 x 4 frame to hold the ¾ B.C. plywood perfectly level and flat.  I used an under-mount sink so you need to cut that out ¾ larger all the way around for ¾ cypress edging.

2.  Mount ¾ ply base to the 2×4 frame underneath attach ¾ x 1 ½ edging around the exterior with ¼” sticking down and ½” above the ¾ ply cut log end pcs ½” and attach with waterproof glue and 18g 1” pins.

3. Coat top of log ends with water based poly (3 or 4 coats) so grout does not soak in the log ends.

4.  Regular sanded grout installed with a grout float. Wipe down with a sponge just like with floor tile.  Once the grout has set overnight grind all poly off the face of log ends with 4” grinder 36 grit paper (remove all poly).  I used 2 part pouring epoxy 50/50 mix and gallon kit. You need to mist the epoxy with methanol to remove air bubbles.

by Bill Jarratt

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Here is a link to my blog post on how to install a cordwood floor.

Steve Lee masonry heater, cordwood floor, river rocks on bathroom wall

Steve Lee is rightly proud of his cordwood floor.

Steve Lee is rightly proud of his cordwood floor.

Here is how Miroslav Bentley Kubala from Prague, constructed his cordwood floor over concrete.

Here is how Miroslav Bentley Kubala from Prague, constructed his cordwood floor over concrete.

And here is a cordwood floor from

There are instructions in the Backhome Magazine article about how to install a cordwood floor.   The installer is a construction business owner and is very pleased with his floor.       

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