Here is the beautiful 3 bedroom, code-approved, cordwood home of Pat & Beth Goulee near Tomahawk, Wisconsin.  Pat and Beth used the book  Cordwood & the Code: A Building Permit Guide (available in ebook and print format at ), coupled with architectural drawings to get financing and code approval.  Pat & Beth 4

Pat & Beth 13.jpg let the sunshine

The wavy pine siding adds a nice touch to the home.

Pat & Beth 14The deck looks out over a gorgeous pine and hardwood forest.

Pat & Beth 12

Orion is in the walls with blue bottles.

Pat & Beth 9 cordwood love birds

The masonry stove keeps Pat & Beth warm and toasty on cold winter nights.

Pat & Beth 16

The bedroom has large windows overlooking the forest.

Pat & Beth 15.jpg wood used

11 different types of wood were used in the construction.

Goulee stove ceiling cordwood wall

The masonry stove under construction.  The flues take the heat back and forth and drop it off in the brick and stone. It is then radiated back to the room.

Pat Goulee stove 5b

Pat Goulee stove 1aaa

Pat Goulee stove 5 with cordwood wall2

Stone mason above, wood mason’s below:0)

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