Mario Vargas sent me some wonderful photos of a cordwood bath house he is building near Tlaxcala, Mexico.  He is using white and red cedar to complete his cordwood walls.  Three masons are working on the walls tuck pointing.  Since it is a bath house the windows are higher up in the walls for privacy and ventilation. Mario in Mexico 1You may enjoy the gorgeous mountains in the background of the frame of the building.   Note that the frame is “up” and the roof is “on” before the cordwood infill.   That is known as using Best Practices. Mario in Mexico 5The south side of the interior has the occasional bottle end.  Mario in Mexico 4Note that the bottom two courses are block, since this will be a very wet area with all the changing and showering.

Mario in Mexico 3.jjpgHaving a pooch on site is always a pleasure for dog lovers.  This one looks sweet and watchful. Mario in Mexico 2The building nears completion.  The right side is for the gentlemen and the left for the ladies.   Thank you Mario for sharing your fine cordwood work.Cordwood Construction Best Practices Front_Cover_-_CC_Best_Practices small pixels

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