Lothar Rees of Rottweil, Germany (home of the Rottweiler) sent me outstanding photos of a cordwood chicken coop and woodshed he built with friends.

Lothar writes:  “Here is some information about the two small buildings I´ve built: I built a shed for firewood and a chicken house.”

I´ve taught the others using your book “Cordwood Construction Best Practices.”

I built this in 2007 with Stackwall corners using leftovers from my log cabin building business.

You can see one of my log cabins in the background. 

Every wall has a different mortar mix

I used flower pots and tubs for artistic reasons. Note the shelves for chicken roosts and the window boxes.  

I framed the inside of the woodshed to make a small workshop. 

This vase made a good drinking pot for the chickens. 

Below is the Free Library Book House he built in Rottweil.  The link to the Book House.  https://cordwoodconstruction.org/cordwood-book-house-in-rottweil-germany

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