Monte Loomis built a gorgeous cordwood floor in his octagonal cordwood cabin.  He proceeded to add a rock wall (fire resistance for his wood stove), cabinet doors made of birch bark, and cordwood tables. In the top right-hand corner, you can see birch bark used as snow-blocking.

Note the rock wall to the right of the cabinets.  A Jotul wood stove will be used to heat this 300 sq. ft. cordwood cabin.

Panels 2, 3 & 4 (to the right of the door) show the full-length rock wall.  Monte used a stone mortar for this wall (which is different from the cordwood wall mortar). He collected the rocks came from a neighbor friend’s field.

Spalted maple countertop with bowties and river stones, leading to the rock wall with wood stove thimble exiting through the wall.

Monte also installed a jig-saw puzzle floor to showcase the beautiful cedar log faces. 


Monte is now making cordwood tables for sale.

The table above demonstrates the combined skill of the craftsman and the beauty of the wood. 

Nice juxtaposition of large and small cedar rounds. Monte is going to be selling these tables in the future.  He has not yet calculated their cost. To ask questions or order, email Monte at

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