In 2009 we assisted in the building of a beautiful cordwood home on the White Earth Reservation in NW Minnesota.   We had serious help from Bill Paulson, Robert Zahorski, Arlen Kangas and the native tribal wood masons.   This is an 1800 sq. ft. cordwood home made of 16″ cedar with foam insulation.  It also has radiant in floor heat and a sand heat storage bed.

The winter of 2009 with a coating of snow to accent the beauty of this fine abode.

We were fortunate to have Bill place Ojibway motifs into the cordwood walls.    Here is his “feather in the wall.:

Feather in the wall by Bill Paulson.

The owner of the home belongs to the bear clan.  Bill Paulson created this feather and the bear paw motif (see other post) and they both stand proudly and beautifully in the wall.  The home is warm and inviting  and has many Ojibway requested features, like the entrance door facing east.

The White Earth Cordwood Home on a late summer's day.

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