Olle Hagman, a retired professor from Gothenburg University in Sweden,  built this beautiful cordwood writer’s cabin in a faraway forest. He carries on a long tradition of cordwood building in his home country and has written extensively about Swedish Kubbhus (cordwood).

OlleHagman1 low resolution for FB pageOlle’s well-researched paper about the five phases of cordwood’s history from 1850 to the present day, appeared in the Cordwood Conference Papers 2011, entitled, “A Social History of Cordwood Houses in Sweden.”   Olle’s website is www.kubbhus.seOlle Hagman writer's cabin Sweden with logoHe also documents the resurgence of cordwood in his current article in the Cordwood Conference Papers 2015, “Wood Masonry in Sweden:  Historical Variation and Re-Introduction.”  Both sets of Papers are available in print and ebook format at the Cordwood Online Bookstore https://www.daycreek.com/dc/html/paypal_flatau.htmOlle Hagman's cordwood cabin in Sweden kubbhouseOlle has written a book about his research and the current state of Kubbhus.Ollle Hagman book cover 1Ollle Hagman book cover 2Olle is leading cordwood workshops in Sweden and documenting newly constructed cordwood buildings in his homeland.Olle Hagman  Writers cottage4

Olle attended the Cordwood Conferences in Winnipeg, Manitoba (2011) where he was part of a group of intrepid cordwood builders we lovingly named “The Fab Five.”  He presented his paper at that conference and was also a main speaker at the Cordwood Conference in 2015 at Earthwood Building School.

CCC15aaaOlle and friends: the self-proclaimed “no hairs.”  Olle is on the right showing off his log end heart T-shirt.  Tom Huber. cordwood builder of renown is in the middle and Jim Smart is on the left (sporting his Cordwood Conference 2005 T-shirt).

CCC11 U of Manitoba Cordwood Kiosk workshopa.jpgHere is the crew from the Cordwood Conference in 2011.  Olle is on the far right.  This is the cordwood entrance kiosk for the Alternative Village run by the engineering department. Dr. Kris Dick, PEng, is in the middle with the burgundy shirt & beard.

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Readers have requested a brief bio, so here goes:

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