Eric & Beth Carlberg built their Rendezvous Cordwood Cabin to use during “gathering activities” on their land.  They hold Tomahawk and Bowie knife throwing contests, Muzzleloading target shoots and all manner of historical re-enactments and woodsy/folksy activities. You may notice that the flag has 13 stars, the flag of the original 13 colonies.

There are so many wonderful and creative cordwood accents in the cabin.

Eric & Beth 8

Like these mushroom and slab shelves.

Eric & Beth 11

The bottle logs and the stones are in strategic places.Eric & Beth 7

The cabin’s “build date” is done in cordwood Roman Numerals!  Look above the door frame. 
The foundation for the 16′ x 24′ cabin: telephone poles on concrete slabs.


Eric & Beth 29 pac man

Pac-man is eating the lightning bolt! 

This cabin has some of the neatest and most artistic cordwood we have ever witnessed.  It is a credit to Eric & Beth and the friends who helped them.  They kept the “build” consistently tasteful and attractive.  Not easy to do when the sunlight is fading, the mosquitoes are biting and there is still a foot of wall to finish:0) Time to fire up the “halogens!”

Eric & Beth 15

In order to keep themselves fresh and ready for rendezvous activities, they practice throwing the tomahawks!  I stuck this one after 5 tries:0)

Eric & Beth 4

The tiny rock flowers make a small but powerful statement.

Eric & Beth 23


Eric & Beth 21

One of their friends saved all the bottle caps he opened during construction.  They made a memento of his libations.

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Cordwood Construction Best Practices.  

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Line drawing from Cordwood Construction Best Practices showing how to use smaller posts to build a 16″ wall.   Corner posts line drawing