Cordwood Construction Best Practices Revised & Updated 2020 [eBook]

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Cordwood Construction Best Practices revised and updated for 2020.  For the past year, I have been adding and updating the information, pictures charts and graphs.  The result is spectacular photos of cordwood buildings throughout the world.  Formulas for estimating the amount of materials you will use per 100 sq. ft. of cordwood wall.  New insulation ideas and the five basic mortar mixes.  Using hemp hurds (the waste product of processing industrial hemp) with mortar and insulation. This book takes the novice (or experienced builder) from house plans to cordwood home occupancy. New sections: using industrial hemp in the mortar & insulation, hybrid builds, stackwall corner innovations, new wood choice charts, how to know exactly when your wood is ready to use, maintenance, mortar colors. Also featuring improvements of mortar mixes, R-values, code compliance, types of wood, drying wood, shrinkage tables, foundations, how to become mortgage-free, post & beam framing, formulas for estimating materials, homeowners insurance, Cordwood Conferences highlights, Best Practices with cordwood construction, lime putty mortar, cob, paper enhanced mortars, Permachinking walls, building codes, spectacular color photo album, making stained glass bottle ends, how-to properly infill a cordwood wall, tuck-pointing, FAQ’s, maintenance, weight of a cordwood wall, cost analysis, Cordwood Education Center, White Earth cordwood home, a condensed version of Cordwood Cabin is included (which is architecturally drawn and state code approved and now serves as a classroom for the local public school), 197 pages 247 color photos and much more.