Looking to become economically self sufficient?  Want to run your own business?  Are you into organic and natural living? Here is an opportunity you will want to explore.Peace of Art Cafe 1g.jjpgThe courtyard (below and to the right) offers additional seating for parties, ceremonies and live music. Peace of Art Cafe in Del Norte, CO 2The cordwood Peace of Art Cafe, The Organic Peddler and a Hand Hewn Log Cabin Rental are for sale in Del Norte, Colorado at a very attractive, recently reduced price.   If you would like to learn more, please contact KimAnna.  She has developed these successful businesses for the natural, discerning entrepreneur.Peace of Art Cafe 1e low rezThe restaurant is both appealing and attractive Peace of Art Cafe 1c low rezBottle bricks, wooden timbers and all manner of beauty surround this cafe.

Below is the Mermaid Cottage which is a separate B & B that KimAnna has developed and runs through Air BnB.  This is NOT included in the original package, but it shows the creativity and attention to detail that is apparent in all her buildings. Mermaid cottage 1b low rezThe bottle walls KimAnna creates are stunning and spectacular Mermaid Cottage 1mEven the bathroom receives special attention.Mermaid Cottage 1l low rezFor information on how to rent the Mermaid Cottage visit https://mermaid-cottage.weebly.com/

The Peace of Art Cafe and the Organic Peddler attract customers on their visual appeal alone. KimAnna also lured them in with excellent food and a great staff. Organic Peddler Peace of art.jpg

There are four buildings available with this package.

  • Peace of Art Café
  • (2) Adobe buildings  used for business and rental.
  • Log Cabin (Active Hostel Rental)

For the all the details, all the included extras and  price visit www.organicpeddler.com

KimAnna Cellura-Shields
Organic Peddler / Peace of Art Cafe


To view the real estate brochure https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1xNaOG-Oa2uMV9mUWdyaENwRzlkZkEtWWgyVVNOdk1iODhj/view?usp=sharing