Cordwood cabin photo by Sibelian via pinterest from Flickr. No other details.  Post and beam framework, good roof line, symmetrical window and door placement.  All in all very attractive.One of the greatest things about being involved in alternative building is the pleasant surprises I am fortunate enough to receive on a somewhat regular basis.  People are so gracious in sending me pictures of their cordwood projects.  I feel it is my job to post as many new and unique pictures as  possible, to help inspire and encourage others to build themselves.    Here are the latest creations to come my way–a big thank you to the builders.

Miroslav Bentley Kubala Cordwood carport near Prague gable ends with Jack Daniels bottles - Copy

Miroslav Bentley Kubala who lives near Prague in the Czech Republic, sent me this photo of his gable end on his cordwood wood storage building.   He was “gifted” a size-able amount of Jack Daniel’s bottles and here is what he did with them. Pretty smart if you ask me:0)

Eric & Beth 1776 Rendevous

Eric & Beth pose beneath a Revolutionary War flag in “period” dress.  Their cordwood cabin is on massive telephone posts with a a structurally sound floor system.  All the cordwood is away from the splashback zone.  All the cordwood is Northern White Cedar. Eric & Beth's woodland cabin 2

We held a private mortaring session at their beautiful setting and got them started in the right direction.

Pat & Beth 12

Pat & Beth are building a code approved cedar cordwood home in Lincoln County.   They have done an outstanding job of log placement and put some beautiful patterns into the walls.   Above is Orion and below is a diamond with four directions marked by bottles. Pat & Beth 8

Olle Hagman of Sweden has been teaching and writing about cordwood (called Kubbhus in Swedish).  Olle is going to come out with the first cordwood book in Swedish in 2014.
Olle Hagman  Sweden playhouse2

Above is a single wall, dry stack cordwood motif, built as a whimsical artistic statement in front of a garden greenhouse.

Olle Hagman  Writers cottage3   Here is a wall of traditional Swedish cordwood, where the rows of cordwood are sectioned off with one inch dimensional lumber.

Olle Hagman  Writers cottageHere is a good view of Olle’s writer’s cabin in a quiet forest opening.  I will let you know when he is finished with his new book!

If you are interested in learning more or want to read some of the latest and most up to date literature on cordwood go to and click on Online Bookstore.  Many of the books are in ebook format so you can read them on your computer, smart phone or pad.