Maitreya Mountain Village is a permaculture community advocating sustainable living.  It is located in the mountains of California.  The community has built many different structures using natural building principles.   Here is an example of cordwood siding using a dark background and Western Red Cedar for the cordwood slices.  Cordwood at Maitreya Mountain Village in CA with logoThe “statement of purpose” from their Facebook page reads: “A remote wilderness permaculture farm, off-grid homestead, dynamic intentional community, and ever-evolving experiment in alternative living near Gasquet, CA.”  Below is their beautiful multi-faceted tile community center.  As you can see, the mountain views are spectacular.

FB page of Maitreya Mountain Village PERMACULTURE AND COMMUNITY FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVINGThe treehouse is a masterwork of design and a window on a birds-eye-view of the surrounding countryside. FB page of Maitreya Mountain Village treehouse permaculture and community for sustainable livingThe floor of the community meeting house is both functional and beautiful.  A wood stove takes care of the early morning chill. FB page of Maitreya Mountain Village3To find out more or to plan a visit their website: page of Maitreya Mountain Village5All I can say is WOW!

FB page of Maitreya Mountain Village4

Statement of Spirituality from Maitreya Mountain Village:

  1. We value kindness as our religion and compassion as our doctrine, before all others
  2. We trust that a life of service is divine
  3. We affirm that sharing ourselves, our knowledge, and our material possessions creates unity and abundance
  4. We regard health as sacred, in all mental, social and physical forms
  5. We revere all life as holy
  6. We accept that freedom and love as the highest expressions of morality
  7. We adhere to a life of simplicity, inner-growth, and contentednes
  8. We reject violence and embrace understanding

Well spoken!

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Or click on the book cover to see more pictures of cordwood (the home on the cover looks out at Pike’s Peak in Colorado).

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