Tony and Denise have finished their gorgeous sauna on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota.  Hand-built out of Northern White Cedar (after taking a workshop at Kinstone Permaculture Academy). The Brough’s dedicated themselves to building this beautiful and practical addition to their campgrounds.   Here are some pictures to showcase their results. Tony and Denise Sauna Minnesota1The interior is bright and comfortable. Tony and Denise Sauna Minnesota2One can go sailing into warm dreams while taking a soothing sauna. Tony and Denise Sauna Minnesota3The pooch enjoys the sauna too!Tony and Denise Sauna Minnesota4The sauna stove is “fed” from the changing area. Tony and Denise Sauna Minnesota5

Tony and Denise finished sauna13Tony and Denise would like suggestions about “how to finish the top of this section of wall” (above the sauna stove).   It has to be fireproof.   

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