Miroslav Bentley Kubala sent some photos of his beautiful cordwood garage/storage studio in Prague (Czech Republic).   Miro is an artist and a fancier of things automotive/motorcyle and sound related.  Miroslav Bentley Kubala Prague3.jpg from Pintrest site floor manufacture 3

Miroslav Bentley Kubala near Prague20


In his cordwood garage/storage area he decided to lay a cordwood floor. Miroslav Bentley Kubala Prague3.jpg from Pintrest site floor manufacture


He intermixed the cordwood with brick and stone.  Miroslav Bentley Kubala near Prague12

Here are instructions from Miro:

  • Clean the floor.
  • Cut slices of wood (hardwood or a rot resistant softwood) 3/4″ to 1 inch.
  • Seal the top of the slices so they don’t get stained by the grout.
  • Glue the slices to the floor
  • Fill the gaps with grout (Miro used a mortar/bentonite/acryl solution
  • Seal the floor

The juxtaposition of stone, brick and cordwood is very compelling. Miroslav Bentley Kubala Prague3.jpg from Pintrest  carport


Miro built a rugged post and beam framework and then infilled with cordwood. Miroslav Bentley Kubala Cordwood carport near Prague gable ends with Jack Daniels bottles - Copy

On his gable end he placed 62 Jack Daniels Whiskey bottles.

Miroslav Bentley Kubala near Prague6

On the inside he has stone, brick, block, cordwood, stucco and a fireplace!

Miroslav Bentley Kubala near Prague11

Miro has put attractive and artistic motifs into the walls (including a rubber duckie:0)Lord love a duck courtesy of Miroslav Bently Kubala cordwood builder from the Czech Republic


Here is Miroslav on one of his machines.   He loves speed, good styling, music, cordwood, travel and fun.

Miroslav Bentley Kubala near Prague21

Miro builds speakers and loves good audio.  He claims this one by Kraftwerks is the best he has ever heard.  Since he is a master of sound, I believe him.

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