The summer of 2014 has been filled with new and unique cordwood structures and adventures.  The following photos come from many different parts of the globe.  All are new to me, for which I am forever grateful.

Isaac Haumesser's cordwood building finished

Above is Isaac Haumesser’s practice cordwood building in Missouri.  Isaac built this as a practice run for his cordwood home.  The stone work is amazing, the roof is called Dragon Scale, the cordwood random pattern is outstanding and the door is in a league of its own.  Nice work Isaac.

Germask Workshop Tammy Trupp 1 with Banjo Bob

This is the lovely cordwood “build” of Tammy and Sharon in Germfask, Michigan (think Upper Peninsula).

Germfask Workshop Tammy Trupp 7

Sharon has developed a gorgeous indoor garden!

Germfask Workshop Tammy Trupp 5

Having fun after a long day’s work!   

Amman 2

A gorgeous bottle end wall at Honey and Mike’s in Holmen, Wisconsin.

The cordstead by Sandy Clidaras

Sandy Clidaras’s Cordstead in Quebec. 

Cordwood sauna via Meander Ette no other details

A cordwood cabin deep in the mountains.

Viking sauna in Finland http

A cordwood sauna in Finland with Viking motifs.

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