Melanie Daniels is a wonderful artistic person who is building a cordwood art studio in Missouri.  She has a two storey post and beam framework which is anchored in a post and pier foundation.  The mortar being used is Lime Putty Mortar (LPM) and is a mix of hydrated lime and sand.  It sets up slowly and gives a white plaster hue to the mortar.

FB page of Melanie Daniels cordwood studio in MO with LPM

Melanie has recycled many of the building components and is using free cedar logs which would have gone to the burn pile.  Here are some words about the project from Melanie.

Melanie Daniels note the window boxes are attached to the top plates with keyways

“This has been the adventure of a lifetime and I hope to encourage others to consider this way of building. I have used recycled windows and doors, Most of the wood came from local sawmills and the infill is cedar logs which were free for the hauling. I think I need about 10 to 15 tree trunks to finish the upstairs.”

Melanie Daniels mortaring with marbles in the mortar

“I would be delighted…. Well I can tell you that many, many people have lent a hand on this building over these four and a half years. My dream is to finish before winter!”

Melanie Daniels of Missouri is building a two storey cordwood art studio using LPM2


Melanie Daniels tuck pointing knife


Can you tell that Melanie is full of smiles and happiness!

Melanie Daniels framework with braces

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