When thinking about building with cordwood, there are many questions to be asked and answered, but the most important is:

Is this natural building technique for me?

To sort this out, why not gather some wood and mortar mixings, make a framework and have a go at it.

Folks have built doghouses, outhouses, cathouses, sheds, garages, saunas, meditation centers, smokers, maple sugar shacks, hunting shacks, and so forth and so on.   You get the picture.

Here are some examples of what can be done and you learn whether this is the technique that fits into your wheelhouse.

A cordwood garden shed with a thatched roof and rabbit hutch on the side.

A cozy cordwood cabin in the woods in Sweden by Ole Hagman.

A cordwood shed in Arkansas.

As you can see cordwood sheds come in many styles and shapes.   You can design your own and using a best practices model construct a building you will be proud of.    In order to learn the basics of the technique it is important to either help on a cordwood project or read a good book about how to do it.

Cordwood Construction: Best Practices is just such a book and gives the reader the latest information on how to do cordwood the right way.


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Richard Flatau