The Australian magazine The Owner Builder recently published an article about cordwood construction in issue 182.  The Owner Builder Magazine also runs a website, a blog site, a print and digital magazine and workshops of all kinds.  Lynda (the editor) gave me permission to reprint parts of the article.  You can see the magazine’s table of contents as well. This article in larger print is available on my website at:


The Owner Builder Magazine has a very enthusiastic, eclectic vibe (just like the Aussies).  Besides the excellent cordwood article, reviews and profiles, this issue also features Australia’s first Earth Ship,  Pole Frame and Mud Brick home,  an Earth Covered Stone Haven, Thea Alvin’s stone chapel, Earth Render (the art of clay plaster, render and paints) and much more.  There are also guides to workshops and builders and stories about the Wedge-Tailed Eagle House made of recycled poles and natural materials by four families.


Table of Contents

This magazine does not take a purist stance, but rather a utilitarian view with an eye for alternative and repurposed materials.  I think you will like the far ranging and unique expression this magazine offers.

Owner Builder Sidebars

Owner Builder Sidebars

Review of Cordwood Construction by Rob Roy

Review of Cordwood Construction by Rob Roy

I would encourage you to look at the Cordwood Article and the surrounding reviews and Owner/Builder expert sidebars.  It is truly a sumptuous feast.   It comes in print form and as an eMagazine.   Ordering instructions are included.








Back Cover Thea Alvin's Chapel Gardens

Back Cover Thea Alvin’s Chapel Gardens

In addition to our Cordwood Workshops, Thea Alvin of will also be doing stone workshops at Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture in the summer of 2014

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