2020 Cordwood Workshop Schedule

Workshop Update January 2, 2020     There are currently no workshops available for 2020.  

The best way to stay informed is to check the Workshop Menu on this website. 

If you desire to take a workshop, but can’t find an affordable one, here are some suggestions. 

  1. Watch the Cordwood Workshop DVD. This video was filmed at several workshops and offers high quality instruction in how to successfully build a cordwood home, cabin or cottage.  From choosing wood, drying wood, calculating amounts of materials, to actual wall building footage, mortar mix choices and dozens of photos of outstanding, best practice builds.
  2. Build a practice building. Construction a doghouse, cathouse, shed, sauna or playhouse will give you a chance to fine tune the skills you gathered from the video. 
  3. Help someone on their cordwood project.

Watching the Cordwood Workshop DVD is like having a front row seat at a workshop (available in the Online Bookstore on this site). The video was filmed at workshops and there is an incredible amount of information on Best Practices, foundations & framing  options, the five mortar mixes,  how to build a wall, tuck pointing tips,  plumbing, electrical, insulation, how to make a wall look good and inspirational drone footage of various cordwood buildings. We also offer private workshops for owner/builders who want to have more privacy and have their family and friends properly trained.   If you are interested please email and ask for a Private Workshop Brochure and How to Host a Cordwood Workshop Brochure.  

The cost to attend a workshop is $100 per day.  We believe these are the least expensive cordwood workshops in North America. 

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How to Register

Instructions for Registering:

Step 1.  Please TEXT, CALL 715-212-2870 or EMAIL before registering to make sure that the workshop has spaces available.  Thank you.

Step 2.  Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM [click here].

Step 3.  Fees for the workshop may be paid via snail mail (preferred: address below) or online [click here].


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