Updated August 1, 2019  

With our “Have Workshop Will Travel” business model we work with the owner/builders and wait until they have the construction site prepped and ready to go.   
For 2020 we are negotiating with owner/builders in Central Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. 
There is also the potential for a workshop near Manitowoc, Wisconsin at English Lake.  It will be the cordwood infill of a timber-framed cabin. This link will give you a taste of the project.
The best way to stay informed is to check the Workshop Menu at in late December/early January.   

Updated April 3, 2019

 Cordwood Group Page on Facebook.  Ask questions, answer questions, amazing projects by Owner/Builders. Click on the link, join and enjoy. 

We have a new Cordwood Construction website and Blog/News page.    Click on the picture below if you wish, subscribe to the FREE Blog updates.   

 We redesigned  to be

  • Easier to navigate
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Additional cordwood information and links:

  •   New Cordwood Flooring “JIgsaw Puzzle” style by Monte Loomis.

Monte Loomis sent the following pictures.

The Cordwood Workshop in Baraga, Michigan was a rousing success!  Here are some pictures of Todd Ashley’s masterpiece. 

Tom Huber has updated his CEM mortar recipe.

The wetter – the whiter, the better – the brighter.

     –5 gallons moistened cellulose

     –2.5 gallons masons sand

     –2 gallons masonry cement

     —2 gallons hydrated lime

1 bale of cellulose + 1 bag of cement + 1 bag of lime + 2.5 gallons masons sand makes 5 batches of mortar  = 60 – 75 bottle & log-ends

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