Cordwood Construction: Best Practices Book & Workshop Video

Cordwood Construction Best Practices is a new, visually stunning book & a separate DVD about cordwood construction, a home building method using planet-friendly resources and time-honored techniques. 259 color photos, 196 pages chock full of diagrams, photos & tips.  This book & DVD will successfully guide the owner/builder from house plans to home occupancy. Online Cordwood Bookstore  (many books & plans)


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It's like taking a workshop in your own home!  This DVD shows how to build a cordwood home correctly. Play it "all at once" or choose one of the 30 menu items. like: Wood selection, R-values, Mortar mixes, Snowball Test, Building a wall, Tuck pointing, Exploding logs, Best Practices, Electrical, Plumbing, Foundations, Framing, Special effects and more.

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 "We watched the video and have to report it is excellent. You and Alan did a great job. -Rob Roy  NY

"This is inspirational and a perfect how-to. I've got my cordwood pile growing right now. I'll start building with confidence in the spring." - Kristin

This is the definitive guide to cordwood building. Richard is the first person we call to the Natural Homes building group for advice." - Oliver


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