Many folks would like to visit a cordwood home before they take the plunge to build one.  Most cordwood owner/builders are very kind & like to share, but they are also homeowners and usually very busy with householder tasks and responsibilities. In order to help those who want to get a “peek at cordwood” here is a list of sites open to the public, or BnB’s where you can spend a night wrapped in cordwood.Cordwood Education Center with Summer small pixels with logo.jpg The Cordwood Education Center at the Merrill School Forest near Merrill, Wisconsin is open to the public on weekends. Maps are provided at the entrance cordwood chapel a.jpgKinstone Academy is open to the public for self-guided tours.  There are three cordwood buildings (sauna, chapel, entrance center), plus a yurt, a tepee and a light straw clay cottage. 

KInstone Rick Swanson 3

Bracebridgelodgebest_high_resolution httpwww.bedbreakfasthome.comdatapowermedia.jpg(Above) The Cordwood Lodge in Bracebridge, Ontario.   Mermaid Cottagw with logo low rez.jpg 2.jpgThe Mermaid Cottage near Del Norte, Colorado is not necessarily a B & B (no breakfast:0), but it is a gorgeous vacation rental. KimAnna9 with logoKimAnna16Cordstead 1 with logo.jpg(Above) The “Cordstead” boasts 4 round cordwood buildings.  The concept is to give you a “cordwood living” experience to see if a cordwood home is your cup of tea.  Sandy and Angelika are the finest of hosts.  

The Gathering Place on Golden Pond in Coe Hill, Ontario is a Cordwood BnB
Phone Number: 613-337-5177
2635 Old Hastings Road
Coe Hill, ON
K0L 1P0

Barna 1 with logo.jpgThe Barna’s Vacation Rental is in Houghton, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.  Nicole built this as her college dorm room and now rents it to weary travellers. and James Frame it first 3 - Copy.jpgThis beautiful cordwood rental by Rarilee is in the White Face Mountains of upstate New York.  Check out her BnB link. Rairlee and James Frame it first 4 - CopySome suggestions for visits:  Call ahead, make sure you are a considerate visitor, don’t overstay your welcome and enjoy the experience.kinstone-42 The cordwood sauna (above) at  Kinstone Circle is also available for rent and so are the yurt, the teepee and the straw-clay cottage (below).  


(Above) The Light Straw Clay Cottage at Kinstone.

cordwood-education-center-solar-tour-2014The Cordwood Education Center at the Merrill School Forest in Merrill, Wisconsin USA is also for rent.  You can contact the Merrill School District for more information at

If your goal is to find out if cordwood living is for you, take the time to visit and check out some of these places.  With a rental, you can poke around and enjoy your stay rather than finding someone to open their cordwood home.

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